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Though Hoffmann’s “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” was the inspiration for Tchaikovsky’s ballet, the version of the story that audiences know is an adaptation of Hoffmann’s tale written by Alexandre Dumas. And something that didn’t make it from Hoffmann’s page to the ballet stage is the backstory of the Nutcracker himself. “One of the motivating factors in me thinking through the story is that people had always asked me ‘Why does the Nutcracker turn into a prince?’ Gabay says. I wanted to address that and so that’s why I inserted ‘The Hard Nut,’ which is the story of how he actually became a nutcracker.”.

After graduating, Lopez began combining her career as an educator with her new found political awareness, Over the next 30 years she worked for the Oakland Public School District as a pioneering elementary schoolteacher, Shortly after she began, she fought with school district administrators to open a small, bilingual elementary school in downtown Oakland, La Escuelita educated more than 300 students, most of whom did not speak English, She would continue her advocacy for bilingual and mutli-cultural education at Calvin Simmons Junior High and Hawthorne Elementary School, She started a student club Latinos Unidos, raised funds to support a narcotics education program and organized Ballet Folklorico which taught a popular Mexican style of folk for ballet flats dancing to her young students..

Of the 17 athletes going against Liu, it seems only Starr Andrews might include one axel in her program. Emphasis on the word might. In August, Liu became the youngest skater in history to hit the coveted jump in international competition. She joined Tonya Harding, Kimmie Meissner and Nagasu as the only Americans to have successfully landed it. Such feats have inspired Mariah Bell, one of the favorites with defending champion Bradie Tennell, to consider mastering the axel after the season. But it might be asking too much for an athlete who is 22. Nagasu began learning the axel at 23 to ensure she would reach the 2018 Olympics. The two-time Olympian recently announced that she had pushed her body past its “own boundaries” and had undergone surgery in September. Nagasu, 25, won’t skate at the U.S. championships for the first time since 2006.

CHICAGO (AP) — Twenty-four people from the arts and sciences have won this year’s for ballet flats “genius grant” awards from the John D, and Catherine T, MacArthur Foundation, The prize comes with $625,000 over the next five years that can be used any way the recipient likes, The winners are, —— Patrick Awuah, 50, Accra, Ghana, An educator and entrepreneur who founded a university in Ghana that teaches ethical principles and skills needed in contemporary Africa, —— Kartik Chandran, 41, New York, Columbia University environmental engineer integrating microbial ecology, molecular biology and engineering to transform wastewater into useful resources such as fertilizers, energy sources and clean water..

Brittany Woodrough came to honor her close friend, 19-year-old Jason Benjamin Josaphat. “I just pray for his family and I can’t believe this happened,” she said. “Seeing President Obama here makes it real.”. Orlando’s calls for solidarity stood in contrast to the sharp-edged political debate in Washington and the presidential campaign trail that continued during Obama’s visit. Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican and frequent Obama critic, accused the president of being “directly responsible” for the shooting because, he said, Obama had allowed the growth of the Islamic State group on his watch. McCain quickly walked back those comments with a written statement saying he had misspoken and was referring to Obama’s “national security decisions, not the president himself.”.

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