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ballet shoes p

Case in point: At Castlemont High School, she and a friend, an African-American boy, were voted the pair most likely to succeed. She’d go on to Yale and a distinguished legal and academic career. He’d land behind bars for his involvement in an armed burglary. He’d clearly made some bad choices, she acknowledged, but what about the environment and expectations with which he’d grown up?. After Yale, where Nguyen became a first-generation college graduate, she returned to UCLA for law school. When she earned her J.D., an uncle who’d come to celebrate began to tell Nguyen — who was just a toddler when she left Vietnam — what she had to overcome just to get to this country. He was quickly hushed by relatives.

Also: Breaking Boundries, Aaron Hamburger and Lena Lapschina, June 6, Sound and Insight, Krisztina Megyeri and Karen Tam, July 11, Words and Pictures, Cliff Forshaw and Rosalind Solomon, Aug, 15, Art in Motion, Andee Scott and Simon Zoric, Sept, 19, Jazz and the Brain, Laurie Frick, Hafez Modirzadeh and Katherine Sherwood, Oct, 24, Palo Alto Children’s Theatre, 1305 Middlefield Road, ballet shoes p Palo Alto, Free; reservations required, Call 650-747-1250, An Evening with “House of Floyd.” 9 p.m, Saturday, Club Fox, 2209 Broadway, Redwood City, $18, 650-369-7770 or

His mother, Lilian, a jazz fan, worked in a record shop and sold “smuggled copies” — brought to her by a merchant seaman friend — of albums by American bebop pianist Lennie Tristano. Some featured saxophonist Lee Konitz — who recorded a gorgeously pared down, dry martini solo on Costello’s “Someone Took the Words Away,” a love song on his 2003 album “North.”. At the recording session, he asked Konitz to sign the song’s lead sheet for his mother: “He wrote, ‘Lilian. Thank you. Lee.’ Ever economical! It was a lovely connection.”.

Southbound lanes will be closed from Millbrae Avenue to Poplar Avenue in San Mateo, Northbound will be closed from Anza Boulevard to Broadway in Burlingame, The Broadway overcrossing, and Broadway on- and off-ramps will be closed, the CHP ballet shoes p reported, While Interstate 280 saw some increase in traffic as motorists tried to bypass the mess, the real problem was on surface streets in Millbrae, Burlingame and other Peninsula towns, Traffic had been diverted off the freeway at Anza Boulevard for northbound drivers and Millbrae Avenue for those headed south, That resulted in “really bad” traffic, particularly along El Camino Real, CHP spokesman Art Montiel said, When that street was gridlocked, motorists tried taking other streets, which also ground to a halt..

New this year are sessions that run concurrently, and a larger selection of headliners and a closing night dance featuring the Gypsy Jazz Eclair de Lune Trio. One aspect that remains unchanged since the festival’s debut is an emphasis on diversity. “It’s not just diversity in ethnicity, but in style and the type of stories told. We have Asian, Brazilian and mime, tall tales, Appalachian, personal stories, African American — and every one of them different in style,” says Yemoto.

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