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ballet flats payless

Produced and directed by Vicki Reeder, Follies is the annual musical send-up of newsworthy fiascoes ranging from sequester to cellphones and Paula Deen’s departure from the Food Network. On closing night the sold-out crowd gave a standing ovation to the 12 cast members and musicians for a fun show that featured famous songs with new satirical lyrics, snappy dance numbers and clever costumes and props. Some of the subjects included: Eavesdropping by NSA and CIA (“What I Hear”) to the tune of “Do You Hear What I Hear,” music by Gloria Shayne Baker; the failed Weiner mayoral campaign (“The Last Time”) to the tune of “The Last Time I Saw Paris” by Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern; and NRA insistence on gun ownership (“NRA”) to the tune of “Erie Canal” by Thomas Allen.

He took photos for the Oakland Tribune on and off between 1995 and 2007, Lammers said, Fluker had four siblings, but the oldest, Alex Fluker, a former professional television photographer, died in 2006 at the age of 60, It was that brother who taught Fluker about photography, Fluker was a prolific photographer, documenting the East Bay from high school, college and professional sports to notables: Tina Turner, former Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, Halle Berry, Jonathan Winters and Phyllis Diller, and ballet flats payless musical groups TLC and ‘N Sync..

At the end of the day, any clothing that is left will be donated to a local charity so that nothing goes to waste. To learn more about this event, other library activities, or book sales, go to or call 650-829-3860. An introductory talk will also be held before each performance at 3:30 p.m. Featured soloists are Jumi Kim and Adia Griffith, sopranos; Jose Mendiola, baritone; and Anna Khaydarova, pianist. Advance tickets cost $30 for preferred seating; $25, general seating; $23, seniors (62 and older); and $16, students and groups. For advance tickets, go to or call 650-346-5084.

All this creative fervor is just what Gage was hoping for when she, Abuelata and Esparza sat down in late 2013 and sketched out a vision for Fatale, As for what she personally wants in return for all her hard work, Gage pauses for more than a few beats before answering, “Nothing, really,” she says at last, “I want to see ballet flats payless my friends in three months in shows in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, all over, This is a moment for all of us to jump out of our local bubbles and make something happen.”..

“We can see how much of a difference there’s been in the downtown. There was nothing happening in the downtown,” she said, adding that art, music, poetry, cafes and other activities followed in the wake of the festival. “We took a chance on downtown and it paid off,” Roberts said. The festival will run again Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. downtown, including in the front of City Hall where the Oakland! Let’s Dance, a celebration of the Bay Area’s many dance styles, will unfold.

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